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Connection, healing, expansion, and alignment of the soul

What is a medicine woman? She is the seer into planes of consciousness. The keeper of universal truths that she collects on her travels. She is the oracle of your ancestors and guides. She is the wise woman and the priestess. She is the shaman. She is the story teller who speaks of your future and sees into your heart. She is an energy alchemist and healer. She is an ancient soul. She is sacred medicine. She is a wild woman, with hair that smells of a fire that she danced around under the moon.

Welcome to Mystical Medicine Woman, I am Kayla, a unique medium & healer, located in Austintown, Ohio. I have many healing modalities and practices to help you unlock codes within you, upgrade your frequencies, and to help you quantum leap. Making divine connections, aiding in fearless healing, resetting your mind and learning to respect your nervous system for the divine gift it is.  With that you will become a clearer channel for manifesting your heart’s desire and abundance. Most importantly I am here to assist you along the path of finding your connection to your Higher Self. Please browse my magical and powerful services to help you feel empowered in mind, body, and your beautiful spirit.

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Edgar Cayce

"It is thought & feeling that guide the universe, not deeds"

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Looking for answers and clarity on matters that you’re deeply curious on to help guide you? Does everything feel so heavy and you cannot seem to relax or get out of the funk? Are you tired of feeling envious of the people who have it all? Do you want to release the past traumas and pain but nothing seems to help? Good news my friend!! I had the same story. You just weren’t done growing and sometimes we all heal in different ways. I am here to assist you in your growth and journey. Let’s set up a time to talk if you have any questions how my services can help you. 

Mystical Medicine Woman

696 McClurg Road

Boardman, Ohio 44512



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