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Calling all divine sisters, wild women, earth mamas, witchy ladies and those craving conscious, awakened conversations and teachings. 

You have felt different, highly sensitive, and out of place for a reason. Your soul is here to pave the way in the new consciousness we are entering. In many forms your unique soul can birth magic only YOU can create for this world, Having the gifts of deep sensitivities and psychic intuition can be hard if not empowered or harnessed. 

Sister, I see you, step into this space where I can show you how to apply mystical wisdom and ancient practices into everyday life. Yes, thats right, around the kids, job, lover, etc.

Pink Flower

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I am Kayla, the Mystical Medicine Woman

I have been helping guide women and assisting in their spiritual growth, development, and power.  Please read more about my journey and see if it feels like I am a good fit for you.

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