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Take a trip down my priestess path....

The thorns, yet still a rose....

Hello divine one, my sacred mirror...​I am Kayla, and I am deeply grateful you are here. In my own suffering, trauma, and challenges, I often had to surrender and be willing to allow others to help me heal. To guide me home, easing my soul into new mindsets, and practices. Being open to receive and learn is a gift only you can give yourself. I urge you to do so sooner than I did. 

​I am a natural psychic medium, and that gift is also part of my heritage/lineage. I am guided by ancient guides that are multidimensional. Some are human, ancestors, and some are teachers of higher dimensional intelligence. I do identify as a Starseed and am very connected to star beings from other realms. 

My great grandmother was a Stregheria. Think Italian witch. She was a professional medium, tea leaf reader (using coffee grounds), did spell work and candle magic, and energy healing. My great aunt a high priestess and who was gifted in astrology and did birth charts. Both of them provided services for those in their path and lived the lifestyle, while being devote Roman Catholics. Times have changed and I am grateful to be able to practice my beliefs and healing with less judgment than what they lived with. My ancestors blood run through me, and I feel their guidance and wisdom in my energy field.


Having a clear connection to the etheric realm, spirits, and multidimensions has helped me immensely. But it wasn't always so easy for me but gets easier the more I start to remember. I feel everything so deep and did not understand my sensitivities of many sorts. I lived for a long time on a path that would make some shudder. Many stories my family, friends, and I could share about myself, and spirit connection go back as early as childhood. Then it all became a blur, and my connection was dimmed, for I chose a crazy path to shut it all down unintentionally and stay lost in the darkness. I now see it was needed to give me the backing and experience to do this deep soul work with you. While it never fully shut my gifts down, it did shut down my awareness, I lost myself, forgetting who I was. I had to understand the depths of pain and healing to relate to those I am helping. I had to understand what it was like to lose my power, my mind, my body, and my soul. Then to come back for what was mine with a vengeance.


 I grew up experiencing a lot of abuse in various forms and was sick a lot in my early years as a child with mysterious, yet real illnesses. I was diagnosed with CPTSD, depression, alcoholism, and severe anxiety by 12. I was deeply misunderstood and sought various things to take me outside of myself.  Leading me down a dark road of recreating trauma and negative subconscious patterns. By 13 I was on two ventilators for suicide attempts. Had seen inside many mental institutions for my rebellious behaviors, self-harm, drug use, and so much more. I eventually ended up in group homes and longer stays away from my family. 


Being away so much I got great insight into how broken our systems are, even when it comes to sweet hurting children. The people I met in those places who shared their stories of relation, strength, and compassion, I am so grateful for them and thank you. I later in life sought love in the hands of deeply hurting men with similar childhoods and vices. My sensitive soul, prior trauma, and lack of self-love and boundaries, set the perfect stage for more heartache and abuse. I will spare the details but some of which led to unspeakable abuse, that not only am I lucky to leave the relationship alive (on many accounts) but it traumatized my family at times too.  The story kept getting darker and darker until I hit my knees and asked God to help me a decade later. I put myself through utter torture until I surrendered fully. I will never forget that day.... I was living an isolated life as a hopelessly enslaved woman addicted to drugs and an exotic dancer at 29. I was a statistic in so many ways. I lost all connection to normalcy and was a slave to the devil. I was merely existing.


​Moving into the NOW...catching you up to speed. I got sober from all of the garbage poisoning my beautiful soul on 8/11/2016. Blew everyone's mind who told me "Kayla you don't seem to have bottom" and I haven't looked back yet.  Blessed with a clear mind, meeting people in AA who helped me become spiritual, sponsoring women in AA, & working in a drug and alcohol rehab, I had a huge awakening to my gifts. I too know how it feels to know there is something different about myself, but not put my finger on it. I was at this time blessed with many beautiful teachers in tarot, reiki, hypnosis, Starseed's, priestesses, and shamanic wisdom. They always appeared in divine timing and were some of the most gifted, wisdom keepers, and guides. My connection to the spiritual realm and various dimensions also affords me spirit coaches that teach me and initiate me over and over again.


Which brings me to another deep chapter, when I had my son. The pregnancy alone was intense. Amongst being high risk, I was also experiencing (and still am) my kundalini awakening. His birth was a spiritual awakening in itself. Spirit and my ancestors were all around me. I did end up needing an emergency C-section, resulting in a birth injury to my spine, which ended up leading me to physical therapy. Through the birth injury not healing in a timely manner and the pain spreading all over my body and many ailments, I realized over the course of the next 3 years (and counting) how much damage my body has suffered due to my addiction, trauma, and my nervous system being in fight flight mode for my whole life.


Some may say the kundalini activation as well could be doing its thing pulling me into alignment with my true essence. I was diagnosed with a few things during that time. Fibromyalgia (exploring lupus too), liver disease, chronic fatigue syndrome, and eventually from living in mold, CIRS. This was all so divine. It led me down a path of finding out about holistic health, hypnosis, quantum healing, food as medicine, somatic healing, etc. Which deepened my understanding of how much the body, thoughts, and energy play a part in cocreating our reality. Suddenly I had to shift everything with pain in my body that would flare if I was too stressed out. I had to start letting people go who mistreated me. Learning to set boundaries and finally take care of and love Kayla.


Spirit knows I have a hard time with this, so I was bound to have more wisdom holders and way showers. Which brings me to my beautiful son. He was diagnosed at 2 with autism and it is through his sensitivities, the spectrum in which he sees the world, that I am learning I too may be neurodivergent and learning to tend to my own sensitivities and have more compassion and love for unique qualities on a deeper level. Becoming a mother activated me in so many ways. Cracked my heart wide open and with that I entered the dark night of the soul. It's like having him opened me up to my trauma that was suppressed, as if entering a time machine. I did not think it would ever end, that I would survive it. Since the dark night I have been working on healing my core wounds of trauma, generational trauma and ancestral healing, reprogramming subconscious patterns, inner child healing, self-mastery etc. Thank you, God, for him and this human experience, even if at times painful. ​The pain and shadows are also my teachers and as you can see, I am initiated often.  Shifting me into more self-love, awareness, protection for my sacred body, and deeper healing. I have learned to alchemize, heal, and reclaim my power in the worst circumstances and view it all as FOR ME, versus happening TO ME. ​


I share all this with vulnerability, transparency, and courage hoping it helps others. I know it will align where it needs too, help my mission to set humans free, and call in who is right for me to guide. Please dear soul never, ever, believe your path is too much to share with someone or that the walk of life you have had makes you less worthy of abundance and a path of your wildest dreams. Your life is sacred. I am here to hold you through all of it. ​Come home to the power of you and your authenticity. 

Red Rose

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